Руслан Вашкевич
Ruslan Vashkevich
Artist about himself:
Space animator. Painter-recidivist. The painter has no right to keep his feet firmly on the ground — it's an inconvenient position to fly. It’s much better when you are cornered and the whole world is against you.
Artist's CV

<p> 1966 / Belarusian Academy of Arts (1992) / solo exhibitions in Minsk, Moscow, Amsterdam, Paris, Granada, Chicago, Tallinn, Rome, Kiev, Beirut, Grodno, St. Petersburg / Projects “Second Hand” (1997); “Second Hand” (2000), “Force Majeure” (2001), “The house-museum of Vincent Van Gogh” (2002), “Handi-Mandi” (2003); “HE” (2006), “Crime in Paradise” (2006), “The End of the World” (2007), “Rhymes” (2008), “Richter Scale” (2010), “Museum”(2011), “Art Manege” (2011); “New Retrospective” (2012); “White Chinese” (2013) / Go And Look (2014) / In Spite Of All (2015) </p> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>

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