You are in my private online gallery of modern&contemporary Belarusian art. This collection is the result of my passion - I’ve always in love with the art. The collection began to form spontaneously: in the 90s I bought paintings that I liked, that emotionally touched me. This was the first step towards a permanent collection. At this moment, there are about 500 paintings of exclusively Belarusian artists in my collection.

I live in Belarus, I work in Belarus, and it is really interesting for me to look at how Belarusian artists conceptualize our reality, how they see it. Also, I’m convinced that Belarusian art is unique. About 20 different artists are represented in the collection - their works are absolutely unlike each other, often in some aesthetic or worldview plan it is deeply contrasts with each other. Therefore, I hope that in the long run, this collection will be a good illustration of the processes that took place in Belarusian art on the turn of the XX-XXI centuries. I’m sure, this is an important mission to preserve art for future viewers and researchers.