Violinist and Muse (2011)
"Happy Schmending" project
Tech: Oil on canvas
Size, cm:
100 х120
Every single picture of this infinite series, although painted in oil on canvas, deliberately emancipates from the traditional picturesque orientation and presents a series of pictures — schemes and drawings – as guide for action. The bare line emphasizes the internal precision of gesture. The absence of color accentuates a clear plot of the story. The "snapshot" principle is laid as the conceptual foundation for artistic expression. External recognition of the drawn stories happens simultaneously with its actual occurrence before our eyes. The time of exploring of each picture approximately equals the time needed for making of this picture. The emotional component is identical to the logical feasibility. Now form and content become one. Here, just like in karaoke, style and method of expression should not hinder the automatic stream of consciousness. The only task is to establish a fast connection between the concrete spectator and the abstract collective memory.
"Happy Schmending" was coined as the best "pill of all". This "merry wasted Indian" like an experienced therapist on his couch, plays patience of our fears, phobias, banal fantasies, forgotten sins, and unconscious traumas for one purpose only — to make us free.