Виктор Шилко
Victor Shilko
Artist about himself:
I'm constantly listening to jazz in the studio. The reason I love this music so much is that the musicians, by using just two notes, can create stunning compositions. I think it’s the same with the art - we can say everything with two colors. Absolutely everything.<br>
Artist's CV

1952 / Faculty of Art and Graphics of Vitebsk State Pedagogical Institute / Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR / Member of the creative association “Square” / participant of “ABSTRACT”, “InFormation” and “Just Now” projects, Member of the First Belarusian Biennale (2008) and the First Minsk Triennial of Contemporary Art (2012) / the works are in museums and private collections in Belarus and many other countries, including North Korea, Canada, USA, and others.

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