Александр Досужев
Alexander Dosuzhev
Artist about himself:
I do not copy nature but seek to measure up with it in order to create something beautiful. A true artist does always show the divinely beautiful and devilishly complex world from a new angle.
Artist's CV

1945 / Faculty of Art and Graphics of Vitebsk State Pedagogical Institute (1970) / the author of the PLIP concept (the acronym of the Russian words Surface, Line And Stain) / Member of the Creative Association “Square”, Member of the Belarusian Union of Artists / solo exhibitions: “PLIP. The Conceptual Landscape” (1995), “PLIP X” (2005), “PLIP 2010. The Geometry of Feelings”, (Vitebsk); participant of “ABSTRACT”, “InFormation” and “Just Now” projects, participant of the First Belarusian Biennale (2008) and the First Minsk Triennial of Contemporary Art (2012) / 2014

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