Fish Day
Tech: Oil on canvas
Size, cm:
140 х140
About the series "Fragments of Fish Day"
... Unfortunately, we don't have any heaven platform from which we could observe and tell about the world, and make a comparison. We are inside the Universe. All we feel or see, an artist reproduces in painting. Painting is a theory describing the human’s view of the World.
With the course of time,there comes confidence that a few things will retain significance, but how can we understand what those few things are?..
An artist is like a scientist dreaming that in a second the nature will cast off a veil and give an opportunity to look in the new and unexpected order, which would bring together all the individual pieces of knowledge into one great wholeness. And this dream will never be forgotten.
"Fragments of Fish Day" appeared as result of reflection on the modularity as the basis of contemporary visual culture.
Here is a module, and here are modular combinations as a method of space and time reflection, as a way to find a balance between order and chaos.